Collection of Specialists

CAM does have enough high-standard knowledge personnel and professional experts with international qualification being responsible for any sector of CAM in the field of practical agricultural development, natural resources management, local and international trade and international agricultural cooperation to kindly, professionally and beneficially assist any type of business related to the development of farming production in Cambodia. More significantly, our specialists also have many years of experience working with farmers in the field to find out the best solution to professionally improve current Cambodian farming condition with scientific proofs and the updated world.

Board of Directors

Mr. Sim Joseph, Chief of Executive Officer (CEO)

Business Association:IMG_2278

  • Cam Agriculture Import Export Ltd
  • DGL Freight (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
  • Booloom Booloom Wine

Mr. An Dara, Managing Director (MD)

Business Association:

  • Cam Agriculture Import Export Ltd
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan